TBX Brush Holder - The Clique

FJ$35.00 FJ$69.00
TBX Brush Holder - The Clique

Designed to store and display all of your TBX magnetic brushes. With curved edges and a sleek matte black design, the Clique will look great in your bedroom or bathroom.

Click and connect your TBX brushes to the ceiling for efficient drying and cleanliness.

Note: Brushes not included

Once you have finished washing your makeup brushes, hang them upside down inside the Clique to prevent water running in to the ferrules and damaging the brush.

- High-grade metal
- Size: 22cm x 15cm
- Suitable for use with all TBX magnetic makeup brushes


Why Magnetic? 

Magnetic makeup brushes have many benefits compared to non-magnetic brushes, including:
- Hygienic storage, no transferring of bacteria or product mess between brushes
- Less likely to be damaged or squashed out of shape
- Extends the life of the brush
- Fast drying after washing
– Just hang upside down on the TBX Clique Brush Holder!
- Your whole brush collection can be stored in one convenient and easy to reach place
- Looks great on display in any bedroom or bathroom

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