Clear Lockable Liquid Pump Dispenser 210ml

FJ$7.35 FJ$20.05
Clear Lockable Liquid Pump Dispenser 210ml

This clear pump container is for dispensing a small amount of liquid in convenient manner straight on to a cotton wipe/ pad/ ball without any spillage. The pump is lockable and has a flip lid to cover and protect the pump.

It is made from HDPE plastic and is suitable for Makeup Remover, Toners, Acetone and Rubbing alcohol.

Volume: 210ml

Dimensions: Height 12cm  Width 6cm

Direction of Use:

  1. Fill the bottle with the desired liquid
  2. Place a cotton pad on the top and press the center of the pump
  3. The liquid will pumped from the bottle to the lip where it can be soaked up by a cotton wipe/ pad/ ball.

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