Bluesky SUNUV Sun1 48W Professional UV LED Lamp

FJ$189.00 FJ$199.00


  • 3 time settings:
    • 5 seconds
    • 30 seconds
    • 60 seconds
  • 50,000 hours lifetime
  • Can be started automatically by infrared induction if you put your hand into the machine without pressing time setting button. (Maximum working time is 120 seconds and fastest drying time is 5 seconds)
  • New technology of double light source covers a wider range of ultraviolet bands, suitable for drying nail UV-glue, builder glue, nail polish gel, sculpture gel, gem glue and LED nail gel. No need to worry about distinguishing your nail gel.
  • The LED light ensures the colour of the nail gel and will not harm your nails, eyes or skin
  • LED's strategically located around the lamp to cure all five fingers
  • Easy to remove magnetic base (great for toenail gel curing)
  • Press the on-off button for 2 seconds can switch its power from 48W to 24W



Type: LED/UV

Model: SUNone

Colour: White

Size: 15cm x 19cm x 8.5cm

Adapter Input: Alternating Current 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.0A

Adapter Output: Direct Current 24V/1.5A

Power: Can Switch Between 24/48W

Total Weight: Approx.750.0g / 22.6oz



  1. Please read the user manual carefully before use.
  2. To prolong the nail dryer lifetime, please do not keep the LEDs turned on for more than 600 seconds.


Package List

  • SUNone Nail Lamp
  • 1x Fiji Adapter
  • 1x US Plug power supply (100-240V)
  • User Manual


*Please note that this is a genuine SUNUV SUNone lamp. This lamp and brand has been copied by many companies in China and these copies may contain inferior parts that could pose health and safety issues.

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